The stars have all gone out, you're completely alone - everyone else is dead and you have a mission that will decide the final fate of humanity
Caretaker - an adventure game set at the end of everything
Starring Stargate Atlantis' David Hewlett
Coming Q1 2016 on Pc, Mac and Oculus Rift

Containment protocol

A top secret military research facility has gone dark. Their last communication only had two words in it: "Containment Protocol"
Your task is to infiltrate the facility using a prototype remote control drone and work out what has happened to the facility and more importantly - what has happened to the weapon.

Blast Em!

Protect the universe from the evil Alien robots terror-bent on eliminating the Earth and all of Humanity!
Take control of the ship and blast the hell out of anything that moves and if it doesn't move - blast it anyway to be sure.
Collect coins to get points and use those points to get power-ups

Byron Atkinson Jones

I started my game development company Xiotex Studios in 2007 and I have worked for Lionhead Studios, EA Canada, Sega Sports Interactive, Introversion, PomPom, Kuju Entertainent, Rebellion, Attractive Games, Stainless games, Mediatonic and Future Games of London.
I've worked on a lot of games - Football Manager, Mutant Storm Empire, Darwinia+, Multiwinia, NHL 2005, Hungry Shark Evolution and Robot Unicorn Evolution to name just a few.
You can follow me on twitter where I talk about the development of Caretaker and Nandos a lot: If you want to email me for anything then you can get hold of me at byron@xiotex-studios.com


Ashley Ross (sudorossy)

Ashley has been making games since the age of 8. Since then, they've worked on a number of games, apps and recently websites.
Ashley owns OmNomCom, a software development studio in Manchester, and currently works full-time at a web design agency.
They can be found on twitter @sudorossy and their personal site is iamross.me.
In case you can't tell, Ashley has a fondness for penguins!

Gavin Harrison

I'm a composer and sound designer for games, TV and film. At age 5, I made my first clumsy attempts at playing the piano, and I've been hooked on sound ever since. Music is a huge part of my life, from playing in bands with my friends to working with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. No two days are the same!

You can follow Gavin on twitter @gharrisonsounds or email him at contact@gavinharrisonsounds.com